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Monday, November 3, 2008Y
Happy Birthday to me...

Few more minutes later, my birthday is going to pass. Really thanks for all my friends that remember my birthday, and the wishes u all give me. Never received so many mesage before in my birthday. My handphone keep on vibrating for whole day until my message box full. Haha. Anyway you guys are the gift from God to me in my life. Friendship forever.

Erm.... what i had did for today leh? haha actually not much surprise but is still a good day for me. Yesterday i was having a drink section with my secondary school friends, whose always hang out. Even though i alreeady know wat u guys will do but i still feel happy that u all willing to make effort for my birthday surprise. The cake is so delicious, the environment Caffeehaus is so nice(the place i choose want leh) and thx for the present as well.

This morning, that is nothing special for me, i just meet a friend for some chatting, i think we have something to settle between us before i start the next section of celebration. After class, i was going out with my very best friend, for dinner and movie. Darling, thanks for your accompany me tonight, and bring me for my favourite Japanese food and the stupid , funny , dumb movie. Even that is not a surprise night, but your sincere to enjoy my day with me is so appreciate by me.

What is my birthday wishes? HAHA secret! but i have a wide range of wish is to be interesting, having new challenge, having a growth of life in my 20th years old. 2o loh.... say bye bye to 1 say hello to 2. May the rest of the day, the blessing of God fall to me.

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