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Saturday, October 25, 2008Y
Crazy Day

24 oct, what a crazy day. The day I ever enjoy for so long. I did too much of things within this 24 hours. This is a meaningful Fiday. Morning as usual Friday, I went for morning class. This is a boring class. I don't like but still wan to enjoy it. While in the lecture, my mind was thing about the next thing to do , is the excited activities, visit KIWANIS learning disability center. The place located in Damansara Perdana. Is a very simple center. Nothing special to attract us, but is a house of hope for Autistic, down syndrome,and many many learning disability children. This is the 1st time I experienced those disability children. Their action and their living style is really something that i never imagine before. They borned to live in this kind of life, in my heart i does not feel pitiness to them, because instead of pity them love and caring is more important. They don't want pity, they want love and care, they want to be like normal children, however they cannot. Their problem is not something can solve with medicine or counselling, just like ours, but is something follow their life forever. Some children hyperactive, and hot tempered, they are not showing their aggresive toward someone but is because they cannot control themselves. We are lucky, we no need to face this since we are young. But God is not cruel, their life is happy, they enjoy in their own little world. God give them love, so they love each others. Another things is really touched my heart is the principal of the center, the sacrifices of her is really big, God see her, she will get what she suppose to get in heaven. May be 1 day in the future I would like to work as volunteerer.

After the visit, having lunch with zhixuan and a new friend Emily in 1 Utama. Is so great to know a new friend today. After lunch, going back to college for another section of learning, CAD CLASS. Omg! AutoCad 2008 is super suck! I think I prefer Autocad 2002. After class, I was rushing to meet my cousin in SS2, I never drive there( so shame never drive there).... erm i think I drove there but is long time story. That time was so jam, so nervous, when finally safe to arrived another challeging thing for me, I cannot find a parking, round and round. Finally get it. I thought I am late, who knows my cousin later than me. I suppose to accompany her to buy cloth and dress there, in the end she did not get anything but I bought 2 shirts. Haiz.... no money liao.... After that , We went home our own. Another challenging thing again, when I get the way out to LDP, I was SMSing, suddenly i found that I miss the turn, cause that time already 7 something, so dark. OMG! where am i? So nervous,so i make a turn to the residential area. Something scary again, I saw an adnormal guy walking without wearing pant. Luckily I am in the car, I stepped my oil and passed without looking at him. Again I lost in the area.Round and turn and round and turn, finally God openned my eye and show me the way out. However when I safe to drive in LDP it was so jam again. I start another worry, cause I promise my Dad to get something from my uncle's house on the way home, I was extremely late, ( elders don't like those not puncture), so i had do so many jump queue that I ever done. Finally get the things, and safe to arrived around 8 something.

Another interesting part of Friday night come, I was follow my friend for a drink, he pick me up around 9.15pm and we went for a drink with his friend. A guy I don't know. We meet in the mamak near KLCC, but it was a bad drink section. They are asking me out to join a network business, something like direct sales. The guy give me a bad impression, he is trying to insist me to join the stupid business. I had quite some times did not angry of someone, even many people make me dislike, but is just dislike, I never feel like angry until wan to punch the people, but i did not do it. After the drink, We went for a night walk in Dataran Merdaka. Nice view.....but so many Mat rempit. After the clock bell of 12 we left the place and went to another drinks again. Is so enjoy of this Friday, even my emo of the wholeday up and down, but I had quite sometimes does not enjoy my life. May be the pain in heart already decrease, I feel free.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008Y

十八个星期的Autocad class终于在今天结束了。这4个多月风雨不改地每星期去上课,终于拿到了那张文凭,付出的努力终于看到了。这几个月来,最美好的就是陪我一起上课的那班coursemates,现在不是coursemates了,现在是好朋友了。和她们俩上课真的真的让我学到了很多人生道理,也很多欢乐。谢谢May,谢谢Kelly, 有你们每个星期陪我笑真的很开心。这些日子,我们无所不谈,常常开怀笑在一块。真的真的很怀念,很不舍。以后每个星期二晚我们将各忙各的了,不知道大家会否会把这片记忆好好保存在脑里。刚刚下了课后,我们一起吃了顿晚餐,不知下次相约会是几时呢?认识你们真的很美好,我会把这美好的回忆记在心上。祝我们友谊永固。

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Thursday, October 9, 2008Y

Just finished hari raya holiday, now everything back again, keep up holiday mood, is the time to start a busy life again. I have quite some time did not updated the blog, is because that is something really make my life so dull. I should write it in the blog but I know once I write it I will reveal everything to public. This is really dangerous to me and to the person. However, I know most of my friends really concerned me and help me a lot when went through the difficulty. Although some advice you all give me is not useful for me but the concerned from you all make me warm. I just want to said thank you to u all. I don't know when can I totally recover from this pain but at least the support from you all showing me that I am not alone. I also want to thanks my angel, you will always my angel. Remember what you said to me, and hold this promise, because you want me to believe you will never change. I believe, don't make me dissapointed. Thank you very much.

ends at 6:03 AM